Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thinking About Batman

[Note: This was written on Wednesday, so, if the zombie horde has since taken over, please disregard what I have to say.]

I just finished reading Batman #683 and I feel that, it and #682 are easily the best issues of Grant Morrison's run since the three-issue Club of Heroes storyline last year. [SPOILERS AHEAD] In these two issues, we're shown what has happened to Batman since he was strapped into the machine in Final Crisis #2 (or was it 3), essentially, Desaad and Simyan have been beating all of the pain and rage out of his psyche and feeding it into their artificial soldiers to essentially give them an army of Angry Batmen. Fortunately, the pain he has endured over his life is so extreme that not only is it too much for creations of Apokolips to bear, but he can also wield it as a weapon against psychic attackers. This is one of those cool, clever ideas that Morrison has become known for, and really haven't been seen a lot in this series.

Along with all that, we're given some closure as to what happened to Batman after he plunged into the Gotham River with Dr. Hurt at the end of #681. The only real problem here is that, with Batman breaking free at the end, we get a big "TO BE CONTINUED IN FINAL CRISIS #6!" Now, I'm sure this is going to piss a lot of people off (and it already has on the internets), but it doesn't really bug me. Mostly because I'm already reading that series and it seems appropriate that if Bats is going to do something big in FC, it should happen in the main series. The big problem a lot of people are going to have is that the "end" of Batman R.I.P. isn't happening in Batman. I can kind of see their point, but let's face it, this is the nature of big event comics, if there's going to b a major change to a character, it's going to happen in the big event book d'jour. The only place that this hasn't happened is when Marvel showed an uncharacteristic amount of restraint in letting Captain America getting shot in his own book. But anyway, it is what it is, and I, for one am excited to read it when it happens.


x-man75 said...

After finally reading Batman #682 & #683, I can finally read your post concerning these comics. I agree with you completely about how good these issues were, especially #683.

As for Batman's fate being revealed in FC #6, I, much like you, don't see what the big deal is. I was going to buy FC #6 regardless, as I'm sure most fans of Batman were going to, so why not have Batman's big moment come during the FC series?

To me, even though the storyline was called Batman R.I.P., Grant Morrison never said he planned to kill off Bats during that storyline. I look at Batman R.I.P. and Final Crisis as two completely seperate events.

The Batman R.I.P. storyline concluded in Batman #681, period. I think that is what's bothering a lot of Batman fans. They were under the false impression that Bats was going to die at the conclusion of R.I.P., but like I said, that never seemed to be in Grant's plans.

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