Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Favorite Things: Day Nine

In my estimation, Tuesday is generally the lamest day of the workweek. Though we've been trained from childhood by the tyrant garfield to hate Mondays, you at least still have the pleasant memories of the just past weekend to keep you going. Wednesday, is the middle, so you know by getting through it, you'll be on the back-nine of the week (plus, new comics!). Thursday gets you one day closer to the weekend, and, if you're age 18-25, Thursday night is pretty much a warm-up for Friday night. Finally, there's Friday, and I really don't have to explain that one to you.

Anyway, back to Tuesday, sad, crappy Tuesday, it's often the hardest drive into work that day. So how do I get through it? Well, as 80's movies-montages taught us, the best way to motivate yourself for anything: Pop Music!

Here's one of my favorite early-morning-commute toe tappers, the appropriately named Tuesday Morning by Tommy Keene:

This song, and the excellent album that features it, is available at both Amazon MP3 & eMusic . You know, if you'd like to pay for it.

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Bill said...

Despite my love for the tracks found on "Songs From The Film," "Isolation Party" is the one Tommy Keene record that, as a whole, will probably always stay fresh due to the no frills production and lack of dated techniques. This is certainly one of those great, great pop records that make me wonder why he isn't more commercially recognized.