Sunday, December 07, 2008

Favorite Things: Day Seven

Well, it's still the weekend, and I'm still lazy, so let's give some props to one of the single-greatest time-wasting inventions of the internet age: YouTube. In order to do so, I present you with two recent finds that may tie into tomorrow's post.

Fist, here's "The Star Trek" Rap by Prime Directive and Galaxy Class (NSFW).

Next up, we have Captain James T. Kirk's (original flavor) reaction to his replacement:

There's ten minutes of your day you'll never get back, wondrous.

Thanks to BeaucoupKevin and AlertNerd for bringing these to my (and the internet at large's

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Bill said...

The funny (or sad) part about that second video is that you know that that is pretty close to what actually happened when Shatner got word of the new movie.