Thursday, December 11, 2008

Favorite Things: Day Eleven

Today's a two-fer, but these are two albums that are hard for me to think about individually. Both were released in the summer of 1994 and they were both "borrowed" from the University radio station soon afterward, becoming a solid part of the soundtrack to my Junior year in college.

The first is Bee Thousand by Guided By Voices, the band's first album on Matador and their break-through to a national audience. This album is chock full of Robert Pollard and Tobin Sprout's two-and-a-half minute (or less) indie pop masterpieces and it made me fall in love with the band. Here's the video for I Am A Scientist, which is just fantastic:

Please note, this is the "single version" of the song, which is not the same as the album version, it can be found here and here.

Next up we have Sebadoh's Bakesale, their first album after founding member Eric Gaffney left, and despite the fact that most of the music press seems to look at their previous two (III and Bubble & Scrape) as being the "classics", this is my favorite. Anyway, it's late and I wish I could better put into words my love of this lo-fi rocker, but I can't, so here's the video for Rebound:

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Bill said...

How many times do you reckon we listened to those two records? Both of those were pretty big staples of our junior year, weren't they?