Monday, December 15, 2008

Favorite Things: Day Fifteen

Today's post is a little different that most of what I have put up here, mostly because it's not something I can link to from Amazon (and possibly earn precious pennies to assist Santa in filling his bag o' toys), instead, it's one of the highlights of my weekday, when I get to drive my two boys home after I pick them up from daycare. While my two year-old usually uses this time to zone out, my five year-old treats it as if it is Question Time for the PM. Occasionally he;ll ask me deep questions about death and exactly how old he will be when he will die, and sometimes it's full of simple declarative sentences, such as, "I can run real fast." However, the other day, we had an exchange that cracked me up greatly, it went like this:

Set-up: We're in the car, listening to sports radio when a commercial for the Official Barack Obama Victory Plate comes on.

Jack: "Dad, what's a Barack Obama?"

Me: "He's the new President of the United States."

Jack: "Is he the first President."

Me: "No, he's the 43rd President."

Jack: "Who was the first President, Daddy?"

Me: "That was George Washington."

Jack: "Who was the second President?"

Me: "I believe it was John Addams." - (totally guessing here and disappointing all of my elementary school Social Studies Teachers).

Jack: "Have you been President, Dad?"

Me: "No Jack, I have yet to be President of the United Sates."

Jack: "That's OK Daddy, you can be President next time."

Me: "Thanks Jack, your vote is important to me."

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Ben said...

Excellent entry!
It was John Adams! Well done. I love the encouragement offered by the 5 year old. Also, a great idea for his big ticket item this year. Every 5 year-old's dream: An Obama Plate.

Have a great vacation!