Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Weekly Singles - 7.2.08

Hellboy: The Crooked Man #1 - So a new Hellboy hits the stands just in time for the movie, and judging from the first issue, it's quite good. Mike Mignola does the writing and he's joined by the legendary Richard Corben on the art ( he also did art on Hellboy: Makoma). This is a flashback story to Hellboy dealing with witches in Appalachia in the late 50's. It's nicer to see a "smaller" Hellboy story, I love the giant, Lovecraft-ian monsters and the world-endangering threats that he deals with most of the time, just as much as the next guy, but the "smaller" stories seem to be the ones that possess the most character. Good stuff.

Batman # 678 - Part 3 of Batman: R.I.P. is good, but obviously, Morrison is still bringing us all into the bigger picture. I'm confused, but enjoying it quite a bit. I'll probably throw up a story-line wide review up once it's over.

Manhunter #32 - Damn Andreyko, that's just cold. I realize we're dealing with the Joker here, but man. Anyway, the relaunch of this very good series continues on it's way, tip-toeing through US-Mexican border politics very nimbly. Gosh, I hope this series sticks this time.

Blue Beetle #28 - Will Pfeifer steps in for another fill-in before new writer Matt Sturges takes over next month with a nice little story about Blue Beetle dealing with a "legacy-villain" from the Dan Garret BB days. It's a good little story and that's about it.

Trinity #5 - The fight with Konvikt ends....finally. Switching to reviewing this book once-a-month, so see you at #8.

Jonah Hex #33 - So, Darwyn Cooke draws Jonah Hex, then I will buy Jonah Hex. This is a very good, if heart-breaking tale of Hex dealing with some not so do-right mounties in the Canadian wilderness, as seen through the eyes of a little boy who he saves, mostly through no fault of his own. Truth-be-told, I'd buy freaking Millie the Model if Cooke was on art, but his work is very good here, and it's obvious the story was tailored to him. Highly recommended, plus always remember:
Icicles can be dangerous.


Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam #1 - Mike Kunkel (author of Herobear & the Kid) takes up where Jeff Smith's fantastic Shazam and the Monster Society of Evil left off and has launched a new all-ages series featuring the Big Red Cheese and it maintains the original series' excellence. As much as I loved this book, there's not much to say about it, it's smart, hilarious and fickin' adorable.


CalvinPitt said...

I know it's early days yet, but what are you thinking of Trinity so far? I usually flip through it (got to keep up on Bagley. I really like how he draws the Flash.) and it seems like Busiek is trying real hard to emphasize the differences in the three of them.

Maybe trying a little too hard. Plus, a lot of it seems to be telling not showing (courtesy of the verbal sparring between Morganna and Enigma).

Jason said...

I do like Trinity, it's just that it doesn't seem to be going anywhere yet. In the first 5 issues of 52, there seemed to be a lot more momentum to the story. Spending 4 issues fighting a scrub like Konvikt just seems like filler.

That said, the art's been good, and though the plot isn't moving too fast, overall the writing's still very good. I will say, if it doesn't pick up soon, I may not stick around.