Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Brief Sports Post

So, I totally didn't see the Harden trade coming, but it makes me very happy. Of course, Buster Olney has to immediately harsh my buzz by referring to him as a "Mark Prior redux", meaning that the dude has spent his fair share of time on the DL during his six-year career. Hopefully he's not a total d-bag as well to complete the comparison. But anyway, after two days of convincing myself that I wasn't worried about the Sabathia trade,I feel even more relaxed about the whole thing. Especially since Sheets is due for his annual month's vacation on the DL. Enjoy those towel-drills Ben!

The one thing is, doesn't St. Louis have to do something now? I mean, Carpenter isn't coming back this year and the rest of rotation is starting to show a little rust, so now they gotta go out and get someone just to keep up with the Joneses. Hmmmm.... I know they were tossing around bringing in Barry Bonds during the off-season, maybe they'll decide to bring back the other steroid-ridden asshole that no major league team wants to touch. Hey Calvin, howsabout Roget Clemens in a Cards uniform?


Bill said...

Mark Prior? Mark Prior? Hmmm...where have I heard that name? Oh yeah, ace pitcher for the Cubs in '03 who hasn't done anything since but collect a big-a$$ paycheck? People thought he was gonna go on to San Diego and make the Cubs pay a'la Greg Maddux in '92? That guy?

Seriously, I think Olney's "Mark Prior Redux" comments are a bit harsh as Harden's DL stints look like amateur hour compared to Prior's. Prior didn't do anything since '03 while Harden has still pitched on a somewhat consistent basis, just not as regularly as one would obviously hope.

The Cubs have enough starters as it is so, provided Harden stays healthy, you either go from being a very good team to a really good team or, if he crash and burns, you remain a very good team. There's really no downside.

Go Cubs!!!

CalvinPitt said...

Well, currently the Cards' brass is saying both Carpenter and Wainwright could/should be good to go by August. Of course, this is the same brass that tells the fans Mulder's coming along nicely, just needs to get a consistent arm slot, so it's entirely possible they're bullshitting to keep the fans from screaming for a trade.

As to Clemens, uh NO. I'd prefer the Cardinals ask Todd Stottlemyre or Matt Morris (or Bob Tewksbury, or John Tudor, or Bob Gibson) to come out of retirement. Beyond my extreme personal distaste for Clemens, I'm just not sure at this point Clemens is really any kind of an upgrade over a Mitch Boggs (assuming he were still in the rotation). Even assuming he's kept in shape and could begin right after the All-Star Break, I wouldn't expect better than a 6IP/3ER pitcher, and I don't think that's worth the headache of signing him. Maybe Randy Wolf (or is it Paul Byrd? One of them's available), provided you could get him cheap, but even then, it'd just be another mediocre starter. I don't know who's out there that would actually be the equivalent of getting a Sabathia or a Harden, and I shudder to think of the price in prospects.

But I don't know how typical of a Cards' fan I am. I'm trying to take this as a year to try out some younger players, and being in contention is just a bonus. I'm not sure that mindset is working, but I'm trying.

Jason said...

Whoa, if the Cards brass are being as truthful about Carpenter/Wainright as they were about Mulder, those guys may never play again. That was harsh last night. They had to know that he wasn't right, didn't they? Then again, the Cubs brought up Prior numerous time swhen they had to know he wasn't going to last, so maybe Mulder was just telling them that he was fine.

Anywa, I do think that St. Louis is playing with house money this year. No matter where they go from right now, up or down, they will have overachieved this year. I just wonder if the "win right now!" mentality was starting to take over. I imagine this is probably LaRussa's last year there either way.

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