Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Secret Theme of Secret Wars II

Now, I've mentioned before that Marvel's original Secret Wars mini-series was a critical moment in my comic book geekiness. After years spent wandering in the comic wilderness only reading comics about toys, I was shown how truly awesome superhero books could be.

A few years later, Marvel let loose a sequel that also taught me an important lesson. They showed me how truly fucking awful bad superhero comics could be. However, over at Poptown, Phil Looney decided to take a trip down memory lane, reexamining the first four issues of this truly mind-numbing series. After reading what he had to say (and then spending several hours over at DazzlerFan, the internet's #4 Dazzler-Fan-Site!), I decided to take a look at the next few issues, and yes, it still sucks. But under it all, I found something, under the terrible artwork, under the ham-handed dialogue, I found what the true theme of Secret Wars II was:

Man, Cap was quite the Republican in the 80's.

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Bill said...

Oh man, that's awesome. I can't help but have the voice of a whiny teenager in my head when reading Cap's line.