Sunday, July 20, 2008

Unfiltered Dark Knight Thoughts

So yeah, I just literally walked in the door from seeing the movie and cannot possible give a "review" of the movie (and really, why bother, better people have done it elsewhere), so here are my patented, lazy, bullet-pointed thoughts:

  • It was great, I think they really nailed the idea of what a Batman would have to be to exist in the real world.
  • I knew I was in from a ride because, as I was waiting in line for the sold-out, 7:00 on a Sunday showing, everyone leaving the theater from the previous showing had one of two looks on their faces: stunned shock or really pissed-off. NOTE: the pissed off faces were reserved to mothers who were escorting out their now-mentally-scarred five-year-old children. Read the fucking ratings people.
  • Bravo for skipping an origin for the Joker. They played him as exactly as he should be, an irresistible, unexplainable force of chaos.
  • Ledger was very good, you actually found yourself laughing at his "jokes" despite yourself. Truth-be-told, I don't know if it was oscar-worthy, but it was pretty definitive.
  • Obviously, Heath Ledger's death was a tragedy, but it's also a shame that his death will push his performance over Aaron Eckhardt's excellent work as Harvey Dent. I really think his role had more "meat" to it. Think about it, while the Joker was simply the Joker through the whole thing, Eckhardt had to show us Dent's whole evolution, that took a lot of work to be done right.
  • Speaking of performances, I will admit to apologizing for Katie Holmes' work in Batman Begins, thinking that she really didn't have much of a role to work with. But.....after seeing Maggie Gyllenhall, y'know, actually "act" in the role, I'm reversing my opinion that Katie Holmes really sucked in Batman Begins.
  • Hey, look, Anthony Michael Hall!
  • As much as I love my city, it was really distracting for me to see all of the Chicago locations, I kept thinking to myself, "It's Lower Wacker, not Lower 5th!" My damage, I know. Then again, I always thought Gotham should be Chicago to Metropolis's New York, trying to pass them both off as pseudo-NY's never made much sense to me.
  • Why the fuck does the Mayor of Gotham-Fucking-City wear eye-liner?
  • Since The Dark Knight made just amount the same in its opening weekend as both Iron Man & The Incredible Hulk combined, can we just stop with the whole, "DC can't make movies out of their characters" BS? Please?
  • Speaking of, Warner Bros.? Cut the check to Bale and Nolan this freaking week for number three. I think you can get one more movie out of this cast and crew and I want to see it. TOMORROW.
  • Hey look, Harvey Dent just shot a cop at The Twin Anchors!
  • Glad to see they tied up a plot point left open from Begins first thing in the movie, really helped with the continuity.
  • ***SPOILERS***I just realized, the Bat Cave did not make an appearance in the movie at all. Nice to see the 70's-era penthouse get some air-time.
  • Overall, it's the best movie I've seen all summer (yes, better than Speed Racer), but I'm gonna have to give it some time to see where it settles all-time. I imagine I'll be seeing it again next weekend.


Bill said... was a doozy of a movie. Very enjoyable although (SPOILERS AHEAD) I think I could have done without the final Bats/Gordan/Harvey 2-Face confrontation at the very end and that it would've best been left for a third film. Seemed a tad rushed as the film already had covered quite a bit of movie up to that point. Overall though, I'd give it a solid 3.5 out of 4 stars.

Jason said...

Yeah, I think that was thrown in there beccause it's not a certainty that there will be another Nolan-Bat-Flick, so they wanted to make sure to tie things up just in case.

I did feel like there was about 20 minutes that could have been cut out, but it'll take another viewing or two to figure out where from.

patrick said...

at times the Joker seemed almost too smart, borderline clairvoyant, but i guess that what makes him a good foe for the Batman...