Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Weekly Singles - 6.25.08

What If - Mike Wieringo Tribute

Seriously, if you're getting one book this week, this is it. Not just for the great cause your money is going for, r for the fact that Jeff Parker hits another fun script out of the park, but for the chance to see Mike Wieringo's last work. It really is too bad he didn't get a chance to finish this, but what we have here (completed by an all-star series of artists) is still great. Mike Wieringo's always been severely underrated in my opinion, his run on Fantastic Four (with Mark Waid) is still one of my favorite runs ever, but I think it will begin to sink in as the comics-world begins to miss his art.

Final Crisis #2

I really don't get the haters on this series. Yes, Countdown was a cluster-fuck. Yes, DC's starting to rival Marvel on it's in-house lack of grasp on shared continuity. But this book is riveting. It feels like chapter two of a novel, and it's filled with dread. Horrible things are happening and things are beginning to look bleak. I don't know where Morrison is going, but I'll be straining my patience to find out every month.

The Immortal Iron Fist #16

Matt Fraction & David Aja check out with this issue and it feels like the end of something. While I realize that a lot of this is set-up for the new creative team coming in (or I hope it is and this isn't all just ignored), but it's done so well, I'm going to miss these guys, no matter how good the new team is. Anyway you shake it, this is the best this character has ever been written.

Also purchased:
  • Captain America #39 - The big story continues. Still very good. That is all.
  • Conan the Cimmeranian #0 - $0.99 Conan, you really can't go wrong.
  • No Hero #0 - $1 Warren Ellis, still really can't go wrong, but this one didn't drag me in like Black Summer did.
  • Trinity #4 - I'll get to it, I'll get to it. The Cubs are on!

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