Monday, June 16, 2008

Great Covers: Secret Wars #4

Dicking around on the superlative Grand Comics Database, I came upon what proved to be my gateway drug to comics fandom, sure, I'd messed around some G.I. Joe and some Transformers, but this is what did the trick, when my 11 year-old eyes saw it on the rack in the White Hen Pantry:

"Sweet fancy Moses, somebody dropped a goddamned mountain on the Hulk, how's he gonna get out of this pickle?" I thought to myself. Well, it's complicated, but it involves Reed Richards harnessing the powers of Johnny Storm and Captain Marvel (no, not that not that one either, this one) to supercharge Iron Man to crack the damn thing in half. Yeah, it was awesome. Hell, it did everything but play the hallelujah chorus and shove cocaine up my nose, and I was an addict after that. So damn you Secret Wars #4, you beautiful bitch.


CalvinPitt said...

What I remember about that issue is the Hulk was slowly losing the increased intellect he'd gained when he arrived on the planet, and that when they got out from under the mountain, Thor was there, talking about how he was trying to smash his way down to them.

Someone (Cap? Iron man?) said something to the effect of, "So that was that faint pounding we heard", which left Thor a little flustered, which was kind of amusing.

awb said...


Yeah right before they blew the mountain Reed told him to aim toward the faint tapping he heard.

This is the same issue I came aboard Secret Wars solely on the basis of that crazy ass cover. Good stuff. I actually hated the series but there was one other cool moment when a half dissected Doctor Doom steals the Beyonders poweres because-He's Doom!!