Thursday, June 05, 2008

Random Crap (Over 140 Characters Division)

The greatest sports anecdote that I've ever heard:
During a West Coast trip, Jack McMahon, who coached the Cincinnati Royals in the 1960s, called a meeting in his hotel to restore order. The players dreaded it, but according to my former Knicks teammate, Jerry Lucas, they were greeted with two cases of beer, four quarts of whiskey and three hookers. 'Guys, you figure this out,' McMahon said before leaving the room. The Royals figured it out, all right, going on a long winning streak.
Thank you Phil Jackson for writing this, and thank you Bill Simmons for bringing it to my attention. There really needs to be a movie made about that Royals team.

Random Comics thoughts from the last two weeks:
  • "Motherfucker!!!" - me after finishing the amazing All-Star Superman #11 and then immediately realizing I'd have to wait a minimum of two months for any form of closure.
  • I'm afraid I don't really like Final Crisis as much as I think I do because I really want to like it, a lot. Does that make any sense?
  • Trinity makes me very happy I skipped a year between weekly series. I can't really think of anything Busiek ever wrote I didn't like.
  • Nova, Criminal, Manhunter - Three series that are solid as a freaking rock from a quality stand-point.
  • I truly believe that if Astonishing X-Men had come out monthly, it would have supplanted Morrison's run as the X-Men run of the 21st century. Regardless,I felt it ended very strongly and pretty much as it should have (even if Whedon cribbed the ending from Buffy).
  • Seriously DC? A $25 hardcover for Booster Gold? I mean, I really liked it, but the story begged to be in TPB and $10 cheaper.
  • On the other hand, serious kudos on the OMAC HC. Face: rocked.

OK, seriously, if you watch and derive any form of enjoyment from the new Rambo movie, I just don't know if we can be friends. I felt like I was watching a snuff film. A completely joyless exercise. Makes Saw look like Mary Poppins.

That said, I'd watch it four more times if it insured that I'd never have to see Zohan or The Love Guru. I think Mike Myers is trying to sabotage his career, so people will stop pestering him to make more movies so he can just sit at home with his giant piles of money. As for Sandler, I just wonder what his two-hour-long-gay-joke will be next Summer.

I'm irrationally hopeful for the Hulk movie.

Saw it again and I still haven't changed my mind on Indiana Jones.

Things that need to be on DVD: The pilot for Evan Dorkin's Eltingville Club cartoon (made for Adult Swim):

This is part one, the rest is on YouTube.

In case you wake up in the morning and find you have an alarming lack of contempt for the rest of humanity, please hustle on over to Get Off the Internet to refill your coffers.

Saw a muskrat in the pond next to my house this morning, so, you know, I've got that going for me.

Remember, Ninjas are or future. We must work to save this valuable resource.

You know, despite my thoughts on the Hulk and Indiana Jones above, I am just as sure as I am that water is, in fact, wet, that The Dark Knight will be the best movie of the summer. Honestly, there's no way it won't be great, it's science!

And with that, I'll take my leave.


ms. p said...

let's see...

1. i used to have a crush on phil jackson. yes, it's true.

2. wtf re zohan and love guru? who decided we were nostalgic for 90s snl cast members? what's next, a chris kattan/melanie hutsell vehicle?

3. i do believe your hope about hulk IS irrational but i look forward to you possibly telling me i'm wrong.

4. that dark knight poster is so very kick ass. i am muy excited for this film. too bad maggie gyllenhaal is in it, but i guess she can't be any worse than katie holmes and her frozen chest.

CalvinPitt said...

I saw that Simmons article today, and I loved that quote. When I read it I thought, "Dude, only three hookers for an entire basketball team? I don't think that's sufficient, unless you've got some A.C. Greens on your team."

I'm trying not to have expectations for the Hulk, in the hopes that if I expect nothing from it, I can't be disappointed by it, at whatever point I actually watch it.

Bill said...

I haven't seen it again but I still haven't changed my mind about Indiana Jones. You know the two of us could write a better movie than that flamin' pile 'o...

That being said, that TDK poster is not only the best comic movie poster I've seen but maybe one of the best in the age of the summer blockbuster. Not only does it have a great tag line but it just looks great. I don't feel the same way about the one of ole' Bats on the bat-pod.

And finally, I'm actually intrigued about the Hulk if it lives up to the Marvel Universe unfolding on the big screen idea that many are saying it does.

Hopefully we can see a wonderful WWII period-type showcase for Capt.America next. Something like a cross between Band of Brothers and the initial opening sequence of the first X-Men movie. Ya know...that kind of vibe or mood.