Friday, March 30, 2007

What I Got - 3.28.07

Yipes! I only got one book this week, so I'm afraid this'll be short. Next week looks to be heavier (and pricey) as two mid-priced collections hit that I really want (All-Star Superman HC & Alpha Flight Classic). The AS: Superman book will probably wait until it's on amazon so I can take full advantage. But I don;t think I'll have the will power to stop myself from dropping the coin on the crazy cannuks in the 'Flight.

Anyhoo, on to what I got:
52: Week 47

So Robin, Bats and Wonder Woman all meet up in Nanda Parbat to recharge their batteries. We also head back to Gotham to check in and see how the wacky Apokaliptian Intergang Wierdos are doing. Not good, and they've decided to take another swing at sacrificing Batwoman. Can't say I care too much.
Then there's Buddy. Mr. Morrison, I'll give it to you that you really can do anything you want with this character, since, met him and explained to him why you jerk him around so much. But really this was a little low. Somehow, it comes off as lower than it did when you killed his entire family. that said, I'm intrigued and I want to see where this goes. I guess I wasn't really expecting a happy ending for Animal Man, but I sure wish there is one.

Overall, this was kind of a getting from point A to point B issue, all set-up. I didn't hate it, and it had a pretty darn good ending , as I'm ready to see Montoya kick some ass and I've always had a soft spot for Nightwing. I'll allow them a slow eek this week, just because it seems to be setting the pieces in place for a crazy final month of this series (Holy shit! There's only five issues left!).

That's all for today. After reading through Spencer's post about his proposed pull-list, I've found that I'll have to update mine as well (I forgot some things were on there). So I should have that up tomorrow or Sunday. Until then, have a good weekend.

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