Friday, March 16, 2007

What I Got - 3.13.07

Man, what a dead couple of weeks. I wandered the shop for like ten minutes, just to make sure there wasn't anything else I wanted and came up empty. I almost feel bad when I walk out of there without spending $10. I was going to give Punisher: War Journal one more issue before I decided whether to drop it all together. But it was either sold out or didn't make it out this week, so it's gone. Well, enough with my blathering, here's what I got (now, with blathering!):

Manhunter #29

So, as I said in my previous post, I added this book to my list in order to boost it's sales by the staggering number of 1 issue per month. It was pretty easy to pick up what's been going on, though apparently, Kate's switched to being a defender and is representing Wonder Woman in the killing of Maxwell Lord. While WW had a darn good reason for cracking Max's neck, she's got an equally good reason for not making it public. Meanwhile, Dylan is busy rescuing Cameron Chase and Blue Beetle (the dead one) is running around as well. They pack quite a bit into this issue and I'm glad I picked it back up again. This story arc will end next issue and there'll be a bit of a break while they ramp up production again.

52: Week 45

So, as could be expected with his whole family murdered, Black Adam goes bat-shit insane, and the rest of the world craps their pants. I'm really starting to love the Chinese Great Ten, they have a great scene reacting to Adams path of destruction and questioning their government's possible role in his undoing.

The only problem here is that it seems Adam's going to be taking center stage for a couple weeks, so I really hope the rest of the stories don't get short shrift as this year comes to a close.

BPRD: Garden of Souls #1

BPRD is really becoming like Lost for me. They've been teasing out Abe's origin, for like 5 mini-series now, and they're still not getting anywhere with it. I'm not really interested in it in the first place, but they keep spending 5-6 pages on it each issue, so it's a little distracting. Not too much else happens. Daimo gets some weird ass acupuncture that somehow involves a human-faced monkey in a jar with a .45, and Johann learns to drive a forklift. I like reading this in trades, so I'm dropping this and switching over.

So that's the story for this week. Overall, not much to write home about, but next week looks to be fun.


Bill said...


Not being one who qualifies as a weekly "comic-book" reader these days, it's nice to be able to read your reviews in an attempt to "keep up" with the going-ons of some long-lost friends. Now I know that, should I happen to see a TPB of, say, 52 or, as I asked the other day, Manhunter, that it'll be worth my time to pick up.

Keep it up!

Bill said...

Oh...and Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, the wife and the kidz.