Saturday, March 03, 2007

What I Got - 2.28.07 Part Two: The Trades

Jack of Fables Vol. 1

I like Fables quite a bit, but I never really expected a spin-off. The new title focuses on Jack (of beanstalk and & Jill fame), who's been banished from the rest of the cast following his Hollywood adventure(which is helpfully re-capped in the first issue). This series is a lot of fun since it's not as dire as the parent title and Jack is a great protagonist, especially due to his narration, which doesn't have much to do with the truth. Good stuff, if you've been holding off of the main title, this is a good place to start, and if you like the parent, well, you're going to buy this too, aren't you?

Quick note to Vertigo: Hey Vertigo, what's up with the price on this trade? $15 for five issues? Usually the first volume of new titles is $10,, but not this time. Don't go get all Marvel-price-gougy on me here. If not for your pricing strategy on these things, you would've never gotten me hooked on DMZ. So I'll let you off with a warning this time, but keep your nose clean and your trades cheap from here on out, m'kay?

Marvel Adventures: The Avengers Vol. 2

Do you prefer when Iron Man's not an asshole? Do you like it when super-heroes fight (gasp) super-villains? Well, have I got a Marvel comic for you! Just step right down and pick up both volumes of Marvel Adventures: The Avengers.

I loved the first digest collection of this series, and the second, while not quite as good, is still the best thing with an Avengers label on it that has come out in some time. When this series was solicited initially, I was a little doubtful. It had the "all-ages" banner and it shoe-horned both Storm and Wolverine onto the team (also, it ret-conned the wasp into the teenage Giant-Girl). But, refreshingly, it's very good. The only thing that makes this stand out as all ages is the lack of rape, murder and emo navel-gazing. There's still some great action and some fun ideas thrown around. Essentially this is a fun super-hero fight comic. There's nothing wrong (and everything right) with that.

I still have one more to add inhere later, but I still have to finish reading it. Two great trades that I heartily recommend you picking up RIGHT NOW!

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