Thursday, March 01, 2007

What I Got - 2.28.07

So here's what I got:

X-Factor #16

So this series is humming along nicely. It feels good that the story is just rolling along, not obviously stretching things out for trade.

Jamie continues collecting his stray doubles, finding one that has a whole interesting set of problems with him. we also catch up on what 's up with Monet & Siren continue their Paris adventure to unlawful ends, picking up an (apparent) new member of the team (and perhaps a new villain).

Good stuff all around, easily this is the best Marvel continuing series going on right now. Why is that? No Civil War bullshit. Yay!

Dr. Strange: Oath #5

Now onto the best mini-series coming from Marvel. This is the best I've ever read from Dr. Strange. It only took 20 years of reading comics to get to it. This makes me even more pissed that our next look at the Dr. will be in New Avengers. Ug. If Marvel editorial had a clue they'd yank Vaughn off of Ult. X-men and throw him on a Dr. Strange on-going. But, then again, we know what the answer to that question is.

Oh well, this is one where I can't wait for the trade.

52: Week 43

Good stuff, I can't believe I didn't see who the fourth horseman was from a mile away. Just goes to show that there's a lot of good planning behind this. It's like they actually figured out where the story was going BEFORE THEY WROTE IT (sorry, I paged through Frontline #11 at the shop and my eyes are still bleeding). My only real disappointment was that Animal Man got a pretty short shrift this issue, but hey, at least he's alive. Haven't gotten to the Plastic Man origin yet. I'll update later tomorrow or Saturday.

That's all I got in the way of singles this week, I picked up a few trades, so I'll get to those over the weekend too.

Have a good one!

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