Friday, February 16, 2007

What I Got - 2.14.07

Aw crap, since Jake at Ye Olde gave me a shout out for my comment about "The Mighty Skull-Boy Army", I feel that I need to post something. Anyhoo, I'm going to give a try at posting my weekly purchases. So here's what I got:

52: Week 41

So yeah, this was kind of a transitional issue. Getting the space heroes to Mogo (a lot of Mogo love in the last year or so), getting Montoya to finally face her fear/grief/guilt, and getting Ralph, hopefully, to the point when he'll reveal what the devil he's up to (but after Chris mentioned it, his nose was definitely doin' its thing). The thing I love most about this series is that even if there's an iffy or slow issue, another one will be on the way next week. That said, the Starfire origin was weak, I mean, couldn't they get one of the Titan's many great artist's to do two pages for her? It looked like a rush job.

Nextwave: 12

What more can be said about the passing of this great series? Oh man, what a wealth of riches we have been given over these twelve issues. I only pray that Ellis comes through on his promise of more in the future.

***SPOILERS*** (as if you could actually spoil this book)

So, to the issue at hand. We've got a baby MODOK, Devil Dinosaur and the final triumph of the Nextwave crew. Truth be told, I was a little disappointed. There weren't any of the wonderful character moments I've come to love ("Special-Bear is dead.") and no final threat from (now zombified) Dirk Anger. But still, I tend to find every "last issue" disappointing. It took me months to admit that Preacher had a perfectly excellent ending, so maybe it's just me. I can't wait for the hardcover, and damn them to Hell if they dare to produce an over-sized HC to collect the whole series, because I'll have to pony up the cash for that as well. But then again, if me buying the same issues over and over again will convince them to make new issues, well then, it's only money. Put plainly, this is probably one of my top three favorite series ever.

Astonishing X-Men : 20

Another excellent issue from Whedon and Cassaday. After a slow first six issues to their second run, they've really lit a fire with their six-issue finale. There's more action and clever dialog than three issues worth of just about any other series. This is easily the best run on X-Men by any creative team since Claremont and Byrne.

One quick thing: I do hope the concept of S.W.O.R.D. sticks around. I like the idea of an off-world S.H.I.E.L.D. Knowing Quesada and Co. they'll probably have them fighting with each other before 2008.

Godland: 16

Haven't gotten around to this one yet. I picked up the first trade and love, love, loved it. Bought the second trade a few months ago, and truth be told, I can't remember if I've even read it. I mean, I'm sure I at least tried, but either I couldn't get into it, or it wasn't that memorable. I'll try to play catch up with the special 60-cent issue. I'll update if and when I actually read the issue. I'll try to find an image of the cover, cause we all need pretty pictures.

Batman: 663

Haven't gotten around to this one either. There's a lot of words there. For those of you not in the know, this is a prose story with illustrations rather than a proper-comic, so I'll get back tomorrow or Sunday with a review.

As a side-bar, was I the only one who was caught flat-footed when the solicitations came out? Batman #666 is coming? Written by Morrison, with an issue-number-appropriate theme? How excellent! Talk about your once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. I'm positively giddy. Yes...I said I was giddy, get over it.

Overall: a good, light week. I don't pick up a lot of monthlies (lesser still, not that Nextwave is over). No new trades of note. I want to pick up the Spider-Man: Death of the Stacys HC, but that'll have to wait for some time when I have more cash. Thanks for coming, hopefully you'll keep coming!

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