Sunday, February 18, 2007

Meet the New Joker, Same as the Old Joker

So I finally got around to reading Batman 663 last night. Overall, kinda "meh". There was a lot of Morrisonian mumbo-jumbo about the Joker being re-born into his latest incarnation. While I like the idea of using the Joker as a serial-murdering David Bowie to explain his changes in pathology over his career, I just don't think that the "new" Joker wasn't very clearly defined (which seemed to be the point of the story), except for a rather grotesque new smile cut into his face.

On another note, I've finally realized why Harley Quinn just doesn't work for me in print. It's her accent. In the animated series it's perfect, but, when written, it's kind of stupid.


Spencer Carnage said...

Harley Quinn is like a female version of the joker that I could sleep with. Isn't that the point?

Spencer Carnage said...
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Jason said...

Good point, which only adds to why she doesn't work in a prose story.