Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Your kid is an asshole.

This is why I'm raising my boys to be comic geeks. That guarantees no high-self-esteem or inflated ego issues.


Spencer Carnage said...

I have this fear that my children will grow up to be Livejournal users. I'm hoping science finds away to block that gene by the time I decide to procreate. That and the I-like-DC-Comics gene. If there was a reason for me to beat my child is for hiding issues of JSA under their bed.

Jason said...

"So son, let's see what you've got here under your bed. Hmmm, snuf mags, Al Queda recruitment manuals, black tar heroin ... nothing too bad. Wait what's this Onslaught Reborn and Zero Hour!!! Honey call the military academy! Jack's checking in!" - A nightmare I have from time to time.

Spencer Carnage said...

Oh god. If my kids grew up Liefeld fans.....they just might have to put me in jail for child abuse.