Saturday, February 03, 2007

American Dreamz....

So that was it?, that could have been a lot better. So anyway, I rented this movie since I kinda wanted to watch it and I knew the wife would as well (y'know, rather than say, The Marine). But, she ends up heading out of town for the weekend and it's either return it unwatched or watch it alone (I DID want to watch it). It's just a shame to waste my alone viewing time on it. I mean, I could've been emptying the faux-vo (our word for the awful Directv DVR, ug) of all of the adult swim crap I had on it. I guess I should protest them for trying to blow up Boston, but well, bean town had it coming anyway.

ANYWAY...the movie, as you may know it's kind of like American Idol, with a half-assed political commentary stapled onto it. So yeah, long story short, I guess it's worth seeing, but they never really went for the throat, and if you're going to make fun of the President, just do it, don't try to make him likable. You can't, God knows they've been trying to six years now and it ain't gonna happen.

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