Saturday, February 24, 2007

What I Forgot I Got - 2.21.07

This is what happens when I write a post at work, when I don't have my stuff in front of me. Maybe it's the bad taste left by the one-two punch of Civil War #7 and the "Woo-hoo, wasn't that the bestest comic ever" rants by Millar and Quesada that made me forget I even buy any Marvel product anymore. Here's the leftovers:

Punisher War Journal #4

This book was a lot of fun and it really illustrates what I like about about the Marvel Universe (ie. lame villians and continuity-porn). Essentially it's super-villian funeral for Stilit-Man (killed in issue #1) featuring a lot of the worst villians of the MU (although I didn't see Paste-Pot-Pete). The mourn, they get drunk, they laugh, they krump with the widow, and they fight. Of course, since this is a Punisher book, they also die horribly.

Fun for all ages. Seriously though, this is a great book and now that Nextwave is gone, it remains as one of only two on-goings I will be reading regularly from Marvel (the other being X-Factor). Here's hoping they let Fraction do his thing for some time (and don't turn Punisher into the new Captain America, as was kinda teased in CW #7).

Immortal Iron Fist #3

This series is humming along nicely, but there's not much to say. It's the third issue, so there's not much here but stuff to racap where we've been and set up the finale in the next two issues. Though I did like the fight at the end between the past and present Iron Fists.

See, Marvel CAN still publish good comics, just as long as they're on the fringes of continuity.


Spencer Carnage said...

I love me some Iron Fist. Punisher War Journal, not so much. The art is blah! and Fraction just reminds me of a poor man's Warren Ellis on the first issue. So I wait for to see what all the other folks are saying before contemplating borrowing the trade from a friend. But Iron Fist? Fantastic.

Jason said...

I'll give you that the art was a little off in the first three issues, but I'd recommend picking up #4 since it's stand-alone and Mike Dedato does the art. I'm going to be sticking with the singles on this one since they're going to collect this in premier HC format ($20 for the first 4 issues, thanks Marvel!).

Spencer Carnage said...

$20? Does it come with a handy? Wow. Everyone has been talking issue 4 up a whole lot so maybe I can spring for it. Definitely not getting the trade now.

Vaklam said...

I'm digging the new Iron Fist, too. Your "fringes of continuity" comment hit the nail on the head...with kung fu!