Thursday, December 06, 2007


You know, I had a long, bitter post I was writing about how much I hate parents who let their kids ride in shopping carts (not in the kiddie seat, but in the basket itself), how much I can't fucking stand our President and about how Mit "freedom requires religion" Romney has upgraded himself to scaring the shit out of me. But instead let's talk about something that allows me to forget about those things. No, not alcohol, let me rephrase, let me talk about the thing that lets me forget about those things AND operate heavy machinery: comics. I only had one book pulled for this week, so I took a flyer on a few others just to see what was going on (and get myself over the $10 minimum to use my credit card, since I had no cash).

Annihilation Conquest #2

This series is definitely living up to its predecessor and it's going to places that I didn't anticipate. That's good, very good. Plus, we get more Starlord action. Not too much else to say.

Countdown: Arena #1

What a mess. Anyway, the plot of this book is that the Monarch (formerly Captain Atom) is preparing to fight some type of battle to save the universe, but he needs the best that the multiverse has to offer, so he plucks various iterations of our favorite heroes off of various Earths and decides to weed through them, death-match style. In the first issue we get the fights between the Batmen and Nightshades and neither really delivers.

Scott McDaniel's art is a little too cartoony for the high action that he is supposed to be delivering, but he does subtly ape both Mike Mignola's and Frank Miller's art while drawing their versions of Batman & Superman. I am tempted to pick up the next issue, but it'll have to pass the flip test in order to sucker me in next month.

Uncanny X-Men #493

Onto Marvel's little event they got going on in the X-Titles. While I was intrigued by the last issue of X-Factor, not enough to buy into the whole crossover, but they may have drawn me in with this. Pretty much, this is a full issue fight scene featuring the various X-Teams, all in pretty crap shape, going up against some new-school sentinels. It really reminds me of the X-Men I fell in love with back in the late 80's/early 90's and I really like what I see. I guess they've sucked me in.

Justice League Unlimited #39

Math time! Batman + Elongated Man + Detective Chimp / Gorilla Grodd = Fan-freaking-tastic

Ahhhh, there I'm in a better mood. Let's turn on the Bears game and shit, it's on NFL Network, I gotta deal with fucking Bryant Gumble? Wait, is Griese the QB, what the fuck? Dammit, can nothing go right?


CalvinPitt said...

Man Griese at QB? I ask, where the hell is Kyle Orton when the Bears need him most? Or heck, Erik Kramer.

Jason said...

Or, God forbid, Chad Hutchinson. Since the season is completely lost now, they have to give Orton a shot, at least in garbage time, just to see what they have in him. Oh well, at least I can start obsessing about baseball again.