Saturday, December 08, 2007

Oh, Tannenbaum

So I just spent the last hour putting lights on my first real Christmas tree in years (my ex was allergic) before realizing that I only bought half as many lights as I'd need. Crap. I really don't want to have to go to Target (with both kids) on a Saturday mere weeks before Christmas. Oh well. Anyhoo, got the tree at Home Despot last night and it was pretty darn cheap, but the former-Boy Scout in me was screaming as the dude tied it to the top of my car. The knots! Ye gods the knots! I wanted to knock him to the ground and take over. Obviously our public school are not doing their jobs. I still tipped him heavy since, hey, it's 20 degrees and dudes' gotta deal with people a lot more asshole-ish than me.

Anyway, last year I passed on DC's Infinite Holiday Special due to some so-so reviews. But now that I realize that I missed this, I've gotta track it down. I love holiday specials. Update! Many thanks to Chris @ the ISB for pointing out that he covered my personal favorite Christmas comic a few years back. Go here to read about it (this post also includes the most articulate description of why I love Starman so much.)

Speaking of fun holiday-themed comics, this really cracked me up:

Hope everyone's holiday preparations are going well! Gotta go vacuum up more pine needles!

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