Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Whatever!

Hey all, I had planned to get some type of "Year's Best" list up this week, as no one else on the internet seems to be doing, but unfortunately, work and other, more festive, concerns have really gummed up the works here at Phoning It In Industries, so I'll have to kick that to the side for a few days. Instead, I just wanted to leave a quick note wishing you all the best over this Holiday Season and thank everyone who has come by in the past few months. As a quick "gift" to you all, here are two of my all-time favorite Christmas songs from my current two favorite Christmas albums:

Darlene Love - Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)

Aimee Mann - You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

Have a good one, and hopefully I'll get something up on Christmas Eve, since I have the day to myself. That's probably a lie, since I'll probably spend the day watching an entire season of the X-Files and listening for the sounds of hooves on my roof.

Edit: Incidentally, should I have any rich, sugar-mama-ish readers out there who want to get me (or rather my inner-12-year-old) that perfect Christmas gift, here you go (thanks to Kevin for the find).


Ben said...

YOu have to check out Marshmallow World. It'll make you forget all about Christmas Baby.

Jason said...

Marshmallow World just doesn't do it for me. Though nothing tops Phil Spector's creepy christmas wish at the end.

Ben said...


Jason said...

Da Comrade, Da.