Friday, June 29, 2007

What I Got - 6.27.07

Yipes, it's been a long week, and I was on vacation for most of it. At least the Cubs are on a winning streak. While I didn't think there was going to be much this week, it actually turned out pretty great on the comics front, here's what I got:

Immortal Iron Fist #6

Holy shit is this great. On the first page alone there's a reference to the "Lost Drinking Games of Me-lao" and later we get Luke Cage screaming "Sweet #@$%&*@ Christmas" as he caves in a Hyrda-Goon's jaw. If this was a movie, every single college-age male would own the DVD and throw it on when they got home from the bars at 4am and watch it with the sound off so they could quote the dialogue. Brubaker & Fraction are doing the Lord's work.

Sinestro Corps Special #1

I've always liked Sinestro as a villain. Probably because he was the only member of the Legion of Doom from the Superfriends that seemed remotely cool. Even with that, I wasn't going to pick up this special until I read the freaking out on Kevin's forum about it. They were right. This is easily the best set up for an event that the big two have done in a while. It feels epic and better than that, it feels perfectly logical. The villains joining together have a good common cause and are all very threatening. Also, they manage to make what they do to Kyle Rayner seem like more than the usual "Hey, we need to torture someone? Let's use Rayner, no one likes him anyway" excuse. It seems like a good idea. Now mind you, things that "seem" like good ideas can go to shit from time to time, but at least they're off to a good start.

X-Factor #21

Damn, in any other week, I would've probably considered this the book of the week. But, unfortunately for this forgotten X-title, it's sits behind the above two. Irregardless, the "X-Cell" arc comes to a pretty satisfying conclusion. Some have remarked that the art has been pretty bad lately, but I kind of enjoy this sketchy style, though some of the body-language seems a bit off sometimes.

Not too much to say, essentially, everyone figures out that Quicksilver is a dick and gets pissed at him, and we see some 90's style mutants get written out, which I applaud. I can only hope that Peter David can keep his book at this high of quality through the next X-debacle that's starting soon. I have faith since he managed to keep the wheels on the ground through House of M and Civil War. I just wish they would stop fucking with him and allow him to tell his own story with these characters.

Criminal #7

Hmmmmm....after the great first issue of this arc, this issue comes off as mostly set-up. We do get to see what happened to Leo after the last issue of the Coward story, so that's nice. But this is mostly about putting the pieces into place for the big heist and laying some back story for Tracey.

That's not to say it isn't very, very good, but not a lot happens.

So that's what I got, now onto some cards tomorrow night, yay, free money from my friends!


pachoob said...

iron fist is really good, but as i commented on spencer's blog, i'm really worried it's going to be one of those "awesome buildup, shitty payoff" stories. i really don't want to get burned again, so soon after the sopranos finale.

but i know xfactor will never burn me. peter david will love me forever and a day.

the sinestro thing is good, too. i always liked kyle rayner, though.

Spencer Carnage said...

I'm buying the first x-factor trade this weekend. i've been avoiding it for some time and now I have no choice but to step up and grab me some of the PAD love.

As for IF, it seems almost impossible for that book to be bad. Thank god for 3rd tier characters giving us the comics that we love.

Jason said...

I have faith in Iron Fist. I mean, after the done-in-one about a pirate Iron Fist who shoots flaming chi-arrows, we're getting Iron Fist starring in Enter the Dragon with super-freaking-powers. How can you go wrong?