Friday, June 15, 2007

What I Got 6.13.07's been how many weeks since I posted at anything resembling a regular rate? Hell, Summer is kicking my ass. Anyway, here's what I got:

World War Hulk #1

I gotta say, this is pretty much exactly what I expected/wanted out of this book. That's a very good thing since Marvel has pretty much underwhelmed for such a long time with their "event" titles.

Basically, the Hulk has a mad-on against the Illuminati (Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man, Black Bolt & Dr. Strange) and he's prepared to destroy the planet to get to them. First up is Black Bolt and Iron Man and neither fares very well. Good times....

Countdown #46
A demon made out of still-born babies!?!?!? I really didn't need to see that and it pretty much killed this pretty good issue for me. Don't know if I'm going to follow through on picking up another issue of this next week. We'll see.

Books I Didn't Pay For
(but I got from the library)

I really wanted to like this tale of a 3000 year-old mummy falling in love in Victorian England, but there was something missing. Maybe it just felt too rushed, or with it's dry English humor it didn't feel like the story carried the correct "weight" (there's a lot of death in this book). I think what they were trying to go for was something like a Grimm's Fairy Tale.

Overall, there are some very, very funny bits, some beautiful artwork and an overwhelming air of sweetness, but I was just left with the feeling that this was a good book that could've been great.


pachoob said...

world war hulk was rad. i always kind of thought that cosmic marvel was seven shades of dork-ass, but here i am, 29 years old, and the stuff i like the most from marvel is their cosmic hulk-as-gladiator shit. annihilation was rad, the drax miniseries was awesome, world war hulk's shaping up to be sweet... man. at this rate, by thirty-five i'll be playing d&d for the first time and sleeping on star wars sheets, muttering at han solo to "hit the warp dive, boba fett's on our ass" in my sleep.

but then again, maybe it speaks louder of the groaning narrative weight post-civil war marvel has put on its books than it does my comic book tastes.

pachoob said...

p.s. having said that, countdown's pretty awful.