Friday, June 08, 2007

Clip Show!

The Pips sing an ode to the dashing young man in the Wedding Present t-shirt.
Pic from pitchfork

So after getting sufficiently rocked last night at the Pipettes show (in the rock n' roll way, not the alcoholic way), I'm left a shell of a man after dancing my ass off and rolling into bed at 1:30 am. I'll say this for the girls, if they come to your town, you MUST go see them. They are, quite simply, a perfect pop group and I'll be dumbfounded if they don't blow up huge. Bill and I have already vowed to drag all of our friends to their next show in Chicago.

Anyway, since I am completely spent, here's a lazy post with some YouTube clips that I've enhjoyed recently:

Here's a Bud commercial that Kevin recently posted. While I don't share his opinion of this fine lager from St. Louis, I do share his opinion that this is comedy genius (quasi-NSFW):

I'm going to see Patton Oswalt and Janeane Garofalo in a few weeks (Happy Father's Day to me!). I've come to regard Mr. Oswalt as one of the funniest men in America, here's an amusing appeariance on Conan a few months ago:

And here's 29 seconds of one of the most rocking 80's movies ever (NSFW):

Axe to the balls! Ha!

I'm starting to catch my second wind, so it's time for:

Bonus Reviews

Black Summer #0

This is a very nice lead-in to Warren Ellis's new Avatar mini-series. Don't let the issue-0 numbering fool you, this is actually a brief first-issue laying out the basic plot fore the series. John Horus (this book's Superman-analogue) walks into the White House briefing room covered in blood. He announces that he's just murdered the President, VP and most of the Cabinet. He believes that the President has lied the country's way into Iraq and specifically sent all of the super-heroes out of the country on 9/11 to allow the attacks to happen. He gives America one day to think about freedom and then begin prepartions for new elections. Come back in August for the shit to hit the fan in issue #1.

I've gotta say, I'm intrigued by this set-up and in his essay in the back of the book, Ellis admits that he's mined this area before in Stormwatch and The Authority and is looking to go in a new direction. Overall, this is great package, 16 pages of story, plus two pages of essay and some sketches and preview art for $.99. It's a great way to pull me into series that I would've otherwise would've skipped.

Coutdown #47

I had read the first two issues of this on mySpace Comics and was unimpressed, since I had nothing else to buy this week, I picked this up on a whim. While I remain slightly unimpressed, I'm interested enough by this to give it two more issues to suck me in before punting to trade (if critical reaction warrants).

In we get a couple of quick hits on the main players, plus the entry of a new one:

-Jimmy Olsen has a wierd dream about the source wall

-Holly (of Batman: YO and Catwoman) returns to Gotham

-Black Adam meets with Mary Marvel and gives her his powers

-The Monitors decide to be dicks about keeping the multiple earths separate

So far the Monitor arc looks to be the most interesting, but the execution seems to be a bit lacking. Check back to see if it picks up!


Bill said...

It took me a minute to figure out what man in the Wedding Present t-shirt you were talking about until I remembered that you were sporting yours last night...duh.

Morna said...

Great work.