Thursday, May 03, 2007

What I Got: 5.2.07

Alright, let's all hope Cap Rider's done for now. Granted, it looks like we might be dealing with a Cap Clone some time in the near future, and that sucks, but hey, Marvel didn't get any of my money this week anyway, so they can suck it.

With that happy thought, let's move on to what I got:

52: Week 52

Great. Wonderful. Perfect. Pick your adjective, because they all pretty much fit. I'm sure if you're looking for it, you could find some fault with the last issue of this year-long weekly series, but I think it came out great. Enormous credit to all who worked on this series (and kudos to DC for giving Steven Wacker a shout-out even though he jumped to Marvel mid-way through). There's not much more to say. The central mystery of the new multi/mega-verse is brought to the fore and Booster Gold has to be the greatest hero never known. I really hope that there's a new Question series and a new series for the Dibney's launching out of this (along with the already announced Booster Gold series). High marks, I can't wait to read this all over again in one sitting.

Shazam: The Monster Society of Evil #3

Another great book, once again Jeff Smith brings us along on a great adventure for Captain Marvel. If there is one fault with this book, it's that I suspect it'll read even better when collected. But it still reads pretty darn near perfect right now.

Astonishing X-Men #21
[Note: This is not the cover I got]

Crap! Marvel did get their $2.99 outta me this week! Oh well, this book is of such great quality and story-telling, you forget the dunderheads at the House of Ideas are publishing it. Not much more to say hear. Great dialogue, some fun action and it all leads up to what I have a feeling will be a pretty great ending to Whedon & Cassaday's run. Too bad it's all over in 3 issues.

Hellboy: Darkness Calls #1

A good start to a new mini from Mignola with Duncan Fegredo on art. Though I'm disappointed that Mignola's moved to just the writer's role on this book (as it was his art that originally drew me to the character), I'm glad that he'll finally be able to get to all of the stories that he's wanted to tell. Fegredo's a good substitute on art as he seems to be a mix between Mignola's and (BPRD's) Guy Davis's styles. I'm glad I hung onto this after I cut BPRD loose.
The story is pretty much a cookie cutter Hellboy story, he hears weird voices in the woods, follows some weirdos into said woods, the weirdos turn out to me monsters, Hellboy says, "Son of a..." and punching commences, rinse, repeat. Let's hope they mix it up a little in the next issue.

Thanks for listening, and be sure to stay in your car while it's moving. We have enough problems with dead, cursed, flaming Captain Americas running around.

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