Monday, May 07, 2007

Human Giant is Funny

You know, when I saw Tapes N' Tapes at the Pitchfork Festival last summer, I wondered what was up with the intro (as I did not know who Aziz Ansari was). Now it all becomes clear:

Incidentally, Tapes N' Tapes is a very good band, probably not worth murdering over, maybe just maiming.

Also, saw Spidey 3 yesterday, good, not great. If you have slightly lowered expectations, and you liked the other two, you should be happy.


pachoob said...

i like tapes n tapes ok. i just kinda wish they hadn't been so hyped up before i heard them; if they'd just been "some band" and i listened to them i think i'd be way more impressed. so many bands get their individual merits buried by that stupid asshole hype machine.

Jason said...

Fortunately, I got to see them before the hype machine got too insane. They seemed to play Chicago every two weeks last spring.

Spencer Carnage said...

Guess whose got tickets to see Voxtrot? Me! You're hot for those guys, right? They're playing with Sound Team so it should be completely awesome. Just thought I would brag a little bit.

Jason said...

I am jealous. I saw them in Chicago a few months ago and they're very good live. I'm pissed that they have yet to announce a stop in Chi-Town for this tour. I'm going to have to check out Sound Team as well.