Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Is Ret-Conning Addictive?

So I checked out the New Avengers: The Illuminati #3 preview on Newsarama and there's a great splash page from Secret Wars (a favorite of mine) re-drawn by Jim Cheung (very well, I might add), but then I read the other pages....they've ret-conned the Beyonder into being an Inhuman. WTF??? Why did they do this? It's stupid, and really makes no sense. I'm not going to read this issue, I haven't read the other two, I think they came out in, like 2001 anyway. But it makes me think that they just can't stop ret-conning over at Marvel, they're not even trying to straighten out continuity glitches anymore, they just f---ing around to f--- around.

Do they need help? Is there a twelve-step group formed by the editors of the Clone Saga and Sins Past? Ug, I guess I should just take Spencer's tact and give up, but the stupidity of it all is just galling.


Spencer Carnage said...

Yeah, nobody should be taking cues from me. That's for damn sure.

As for Illuminati, I like it. It some kind of messed up since its all just fans trying to justify their love for crappy stories by making them make sense, but......I've never been married to the Beyonder. He's cool and all but if they made him the son of Wolverine, I wouldn't really care all that much.

Just as long as they leave that haircut and his amazing sense of fashion alone, I'm cool.

Jason said...

Secret Wars was my entry drug for superhero comics so it'll always hold a special place. The main thing is that the Beyonder was just a simple origin (ie. child-god from another universe wants to fuck around with super-people) that tying it into the Inhumans and all just makes it unnecessarily complicated. That said, I'll probably check out Illuminati when it gets collected in 2023.

pachoob said...

yeah, fucking with the beyonder is like trying to teach math to a goat: i guess it's not impossible, but why go through all the bother?

that jim cheung can fucking draw, though. damn, that is a cool looking wolverine. him and that other guy, the new thor artist, they're rad.

Jason said...

Excellent analogy, I'm going to try to work that one into my next business presentation.

pachoob said...

yeah, you can keep that one. i got LOADS of wisdom wrapped up in analogies featuring barnyard animals.

in honor of you i just read the original secret wars... FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. s'true; i've been reading comics for most of my life and somehow managed to avoid secret wars entirely. i had the action figures, though.

Jason said...

Pachoob, that's cool. It's been so many years since I first read it and my 12-year-old self so loved that book that I can no longer offer any unbiased criticism of it (much like the movie Commando which I just watched last night and still love), but I still think it's pretty cool.