Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Elvis & the Beasties?

How the hell did this happen without me knowing about it:

Well, despite not being one of my favorite bands, this just goes to prove that the Beastie Boys are some of the coolest guys around.

Here's a link that explains why this was particularly significant.


Vaklam said...

Holy Crap! I didn't know about that, either! Thanks for posting it. I knew about the original "Radio Radio" performance but I had no idea about the team-up with the Beasties.

The Beastie Boys have become one of my favorite groups simply because they've been around for-freakinf-ever. I wasn't a big fan of their "Fight for your Right" stuff but their later music is the kind of thing that runs through my head pretty frequently.

And Elvis Costello always rules.

Van said...

I actually saw that live, but because I was pretty young yet, I remember thinking, "Dammit! The Beasties were about to play something cool! Who's this old dude?"

The folly of youth...