Friday, April 06, 2007

What I Got - 4.4.07

So baseball season is back in full swing, and the Cubs are almost .500 (they're up 6-0 on the Brewers right now), so hopefully, I'll have more than comics to keep me warm this Summer. Also, I watched the trailer for Die hard 4 the other day, and man, that movie has a chance to be a lot of fun, or, a lot of bad. Perhaps even both.

On to this week's books:

52: Week 48

So Montoya and Nightwing go on a tear tracking down the kidnapped Batwoman. Overall, it's pretty good, but the usually-excellent Darrick Robertson's art looks kinda scratchy. There are some great pages (particularly the full-page reveal of Montoya as the Question for the first time), but it all feels pretty rushed. The story itself was kinda eh. The could've probably told it in half the pages. However, the last page and the preview of next week are causing hope to spring up again, and then we have the whole WWIII brou-ha-ha in two weeks, so I'm still feeling confident in the whole enterprise.

Immortal Iron Fist #4

Danny Rand gets clued in on the history of the Iron Fist (plural) and the story heats up to the showdown with our main villain. Very cool stuff.


Alpha Flight Classic Vol. 1

Well, by all accounts the new Omega Flight series sucks, but at least it brought this collection of our crime-fighting neighbors to the north out of the woodwork. I'm only one issue in, but this is fun. Man, I miss the days when John Byrne was known for his writing and art more than for being a dickwad on the internet.

The book itself is a little expensive ($25 for 8 issues), but one of them is double-sized, plus you get the old Marvel Universe profiles of the team and an old Marvel Age interview, so it's worth it. Hopefully, we'll get at least the rest of the Byrne run of this series in trade.

Batman: Detective

There was a sale going on at the shop, so I picked this up. I'd picked all of these issues up as singles, except one, but this is stuff worth having. Essentially, Paul Dini is writing the episodes of the animated series he would have, had he not had to reign in some of the violence so as not to scar the kiddies. The only drawback is that after J.H. Williams' art in the first two issues, the rest seems like a let-down. The others are very good (except the Poison Ivy issue, too big-boobed 90's style art, but hey, if you're going to do it, you might as well do it in the issue when you have a naked, green big-boobed villain), but after Williams stuff, anything would look pedestrian. Good single-issue stories of Batman solving mysteries, as it should be.

Anyhoo, thanks for reading, it'll be pretty quiet this weekend, with the Holiday and all. Have a happy whatever you celebrate in your particular home and I'll talk at ya soon. If you need something to do, be sure to get in on the action over at FIST-A-CUFFS.

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