Saturday, April 07, 2007


So I'm watching this Britpop documentary on BBC America, and they show a snippet of this video which I had thus far never seen.

I immediately jumped on the 'tube and took a look at the full thing and I was struck with some thoughts:
  1. What a perfect, perfect pop song.
  2. What an ugly, ugly band.
  3. I will be listening to a lot of Supergrass this week.
Incidentally, the doc (which is called Britpop: Live Forever) is OK, but a little too self-important. They tried comparing Britpop to Grunge in that they were both major music revolutions. However, Grunge pretty much conquered the US and England and Europe, while Britpop was pretty much confined to their side of the Atlantic. Mind you, I MUCH prefer Britpop, but hey, you gotta tell it how it is (or was).

[Update: Incidentally, the track is Allright by Supergrass, if you are unfamiliar, go out and get their excellent Best of album as a primer.]


vu said...

there a few documentaries, i didn't really like "live forever", but "britpop now" is a little shorter but better edited.

Vaklam said...

Nice! I had heard the song but I'd never seen the video. It's got a "Madness meets the Prisoner" vibe to it that I love.

The Fortress Keeper said...

In It For The Money is one of my favorite albums from the Britpop era.

Jason said...

I never got into them until the S/T X-Ray album. I'm kinda sorry I missed seing them back in those days, I spent 6 months in London in '96, so I'm sure I could've.