Saturday, April 28, 2007

What I Got - 4.25.07

Hey there! Let's get this thing back on track. I don't want people to think I'm a quitter like Spencer (yeah, go on over to his blog and give him crap). Overall, a light week and while nothing was bad, nothing was truly satisfying, so here's what I got:

52: Week 51

Easily, the best of the week, serving both as an epilogue to last week's WWIII and tying up the "space arc". Adam Strange and Buddy Baker get very satisfying conclusions to their travails and Starfire gets the best one-liner of the year leveled at her for her trouble ("Did Roger order a stripper?"). Good stuff all together.

Then there's the lead-in to next week's finale, we see the rebirth of the new Mr. Mind. Kinda cool, until you realize that Mr. Mind's appeal is that he's a cartoony caterpillar with glasses and an old radio hanging around his neck for him to speak through. But now that he's a alien-bat-butterfly-creepy-ass thing, he kinda loses that. I'm still excited to see where this leads.

Amazons Attack #1

Crap. Well, I don't want to say absolute crap, since Pete Woods's art is always welcome, but c'mon DC, can you at least start by re-capping what the hell is supposed to be going on first? I mean, this isn't even number one of this series, from what I understand, everything began in Wonder Woman #8, which I didn't read, and neither did anyone else since you fucked that series up so much. Ug, the worst part is that I'm still going to pick up the next issue to see if it's better. Damn it.

Astro City: The Dark Age: Book Two #3

Dear Mr. Busiek & Mr. Anderson, I love your book, but the whole wait between your oh-so-not-often issues has led me to completely forget what the devil is going on from issue-to-issue so I'm ditching your single issues for trades. Sorry.

For what it's worth, this was a very good issue, I can't wait to read it again in the trade in 2 years.

Bonus DVD Review

Venture Bros. Season 2

I just had to include this. This series is what I always wanted Johnny Quest to be when I was watching it at 3am after coming home from the bars in college. Sample dialogue:

Dean Venture: "Dad, you wrote a fan letter to the Herculoids when you were 10?!"

Hank Venture: "This isn't a fan letter, he calls them hippies for not fighting in Vietnam."

All that, and you get the final battle between David Bowie and Iggy Pop & Klaus Nomi. Awesome.

Have a good one, talk at you in a few.


Spencer Carnage said...

Hey now. I just spent $40+ dollars on nothing but super hero comics. Will I blog about them? Jury's still out on that on.

Jason said...

What are you going to do if you don't blog about them? Read and enjoy them? It's like buying a CD and not immedialtey complaining that their old stuff was better.

Incidentally, the BSS is in heavy rotation on the morning commute. For some reason that album goes great while waking up and hating other drivers.

Spencer Carnage said...

That makes me very happy to hear about your new found love for BSS. What's your favorite jam? Have you checked out Do Make Say Think yet? Its BSS side-project stuff. Just got their new album and its totally tubular. eMusic some stuff if you haven't already.