Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Anatomy 202 - The Pull-List Revisited

All right, so Spencer followed up my Anatomy of a Pull-List post with his own. Of course between reading his, and actually LOOKING at my own, I realized I both left a few off and had to add some others. For review purposes, here's my rules on what I'm adding again:
  1. Books that have poor sales and need every monthly reader to remain in existence (IE. Gotham Central, MCU 4 Life!).
  2. Books that come out so rarely, I may be waiting for trade in my grave (IE. Q&C).
Here's what I forgot:

All-Star Superman: This series is a lot of fun and the only real disappointment of it is that it only comes out every two or three months. This could be an excellent entry series for new readers if they had only held it until they had 6 issues in the bag to get it out monthly. Granted, I can understand they wanted it out there for the movie last summer, but still.

Queen & Country: I don't know if there was an issue released of this title in calendar '06, so I don't really blame myself for forgetting that I have this series on my list. Greg Rucka's spy series is excellent, but since it's so written for trade, I think I should take it off and wait for the trades. Then again, since this series sells so low that my shop doesn't even stock it (which is kind of shocking, knowing the amount of books my shop stocks), it might need the help. Incidentally, I'm re-reading the Checkmate trade and man-o-man is that a great series. I think I may have to add that to the list this month (granted, it'll probably get cancelled right afterwards).

What I need to add:

Immortal Iron Fist: I'm buying pretty much everything Brubaker is writing these days, but this series (which I only just realized was an on-going) probably needs all the support it can get. Having Fraction on as a co-writer only adds to its cache with me. Hopefully Bendis will let go of his head-lock on Luke Cage so he can join up with his former partner soon. But for now this is a lot of kung-fu fun.

Nova: I don't know why, but I've always loved Nova (even when he was Kid Nova, which was after he was just Nova, for reasons Marvel has yet to explain). It's probably because, one of the like three comics my brother had in the 70's was Nova #13 (billed as a special anniversary issue, always cracked me up). It was so different from all of my other exposure to superheroes (I was five, so we're talking SuperFriends and Spider-Man on The Electric Company, that's it) at that time that it was incredibly cool. That was the only issue I owned until I finally collected a full run from quarter boxes when I was in high school. So anytime he gets retooled, I have to at least give it a try. And no, I didn't read Annihilation, I'm waiting for trade, but I heard it was really cool.

So there you go, that's what I get and why I get it.


Spencer Carnage said...

I tried to read a few issues of Queen and Country, but it was in the middle or the start of an arc in the middle. When I looked at trades, I could make heads or tails of what I should have read first so I kind of gave up on it.

Jason said...

Truth be told, you should probably start with Rucka's Whiteout series, where the main character first appears (under a different name).

Also, you could try the first novel he wrote to go along with the comic (Private Wars). It's really good and doesn't require any foreknowledge of the series.