Saturday, January 05, 2008

2007, It Was A Year Part 1

That it was, that it was. I suppose I should do a quick recap of what I enjoyed during the year. Keep in mind, while I do frame what I've listed down below as the "Best", it's more that these are my favorites. I wholly acknowledge that there may be better things produced last year in each of these catagores, but this is what I enjoyed the most. And more importantly, remembered 1 to 12 months later. Thusly, here is part 1 of what maybe a single, or several part look at what I liked about 2007.

Best Single Issue - Superman #666

This issues was just a blast. Crazy in every way possible and a lot of fun. Superman goes bat-shit insane and kills EVERYTHING. OR does he?

Best Summer Movie - The Bourne Ultimatum

As I said in my twitter comment the other day. Pound-for-pound, the Bourne series is really the best action series ever. No dead-weight, not a wasted scene or moment. Just pure action moving an excellent story forward for six straight hours.

Best Guilty Pleasure Summer Movie - Transformers

What the hell, it's a crappy movie, but who doesn't like watching transforming robots beat the crap outta each other?

Best Impulse Buy - Bones Season 1 DVD

Saw like two episodes of this series and really got into it this season. Saw the first season on sale for 20 and figured I'd give it a shot. Great decision. Fun, interesting and scary in all the ways that made me love the X-Files, but not derivative of that series.

Best Repackaging of Something I Already Had - Daredevil by Frank Miller & Klaus Janson

I had all of this in the three "Visionaries" trades that Marvel had put out years ago, but since vol. 2 got killed in a basement flood, I was itching to repurchase it. Then, my shop had its big X-Mas blowout sale and I managed to get this beautiful, brick of comicy goodness for quite a discount. What a great package, 15 pounds of over-sized, hardcover kicks to the face and ninja action. Highly recommended to any that can afford it.

Best Movie I Can't Believe They Made - Shoot Em Up

Pure gonzo violence and wise-cracking. I'd be amazed to learn that the writer-director wasn't 15 and drunk during the conception of this film. Both of the leads (Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti) bring just enough dedication to the film's tone to push it right over the top.

Best Essential/Showcase Book - Showcase Presents: The War That Time Forgot

Back when I got my Absolute New Frontier book last Christmas, I read Darwyn Cooke's annotations talking about his love of the "War that Time Forgot" books with longing, knowing that I had to track down these books somehow. I mean, WW2 soldiers vs. dinosaurs, how can that not be great? And DC was kind enough to help a brother out and publish this phone-book sized collection. Great stuff all around.


ms. p said...

I can't believe Shoot 'Em Up flopped the way it did. That movie was hee-larious!

Also - Frank & Walters, huh? Haven't heard that name in ages!

Jason said...

Yeah, Shoot Em Up's a keeper, I gotta buy that.

Yeah, that Frank & Walters album hits the rotation every three months or so, it's infectious.