Sunday, November 02, 2008

Thoughts on Captain Marvel Jr.

Have you ever wondered to yourself, "Captain Marvel Jr., he's cool, but is he bad-ass?" Well, thanks to Shazam! Family Archives Vol. 1, I have an answer for you.

First, after finding out that the Japanese plan to bomb a secret American base in Alaska*, he then proceeds to beat the shit out of the Japanese airplanes:

But wait, that's not enough for our young Marvel. After defeating the airplane armada, he then goes to town on the pilots as they parachute to (relative) safety:

Bonus Racism:

1942, Ladies and Gentlemen! That's why they call them the greatest generation, not the "classiest" and certainly not the "most racially sensitive". Always leaves me feeling a little dirty when I see shit like that.

*He finds this out after cracking a, frankly, insanely stupid plan by Japanese spies to communicate their "secret" plans through the use of secret-coded birthday balloons. What a bunch a' maroons.

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