Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wishlist: Essential Marvel Premier

Marvel Premier was a series that ran for 61 issues, beginning in 1972. Much like DC's First Issue Special, MP was a monthly that allowed Marvel to gauge the popularity of new characters (as well as re-launches of older ones) without going through the effort of launching new series. If a run did well (as with issues 3-14's Doctor Strange) the character would then be spun off into their own series. If things didn't work out, they could chuck it and move on in the next issue.

While the popular issues have already been collected (Iron Fist, Doctor Strange), it'd be very cool to see some of these failed experiments in their own quasi-glory, just look at some of these:

First, there's Man-Wolf, and the concept goes something like this:

Conan in spaaaaace + Were-Wolf + J. Jonah Jameson =
How is that not gold?

Next, we have The Man-Brute Called Woodgod!!!
You know you want to find out what the hell that's all about.

Following that, we have Monark Starstalker, a hero so goddamn manly, they could only publish one issue, because a second one would have literally exploded from the awesome, sending spinner rack shrapnel all over the 7-11.
Seriously Marvel, this is a good time to gauge this guy's popularity, cause you know Sims would totally write this.

Finally, we have issue #52, whose cover speaks for itself:

Really, the only way to improve upon that is if it had read: "At Last! T'Challa Fucks Up The Klan!!!"

Anyway, there's some real cool stuff just laying around waiting for you to throw it into a phone book for me and the rest of the geeky masses to purchase, so get on that Marvel.

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