Sunday, October 19, 2008

Powell's Endorsement of Obama

Despite being fairly liberal, I'm a pretty jaded person when it comes to politics and politicians. It's very hard today to find a moment in any campaign which is truly genuine and doesn't come off as mere recitation of the normal talking points. That said, Colin Powell, in his endorsement of Barack Obama had, what seemed to me, to be a very beautiful, genuine moment on Meet the Press today by refuting the assertion that Barack Obama is a Muslim, but then going further by questioning what would be wrong if he was. Below is the video of his endorsement, forward to 4:30 to see the portion that I just wrote about. To me, it was the shining moment of this ugly political season.

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lp said...

Very nice post. I agree - was just discussing this the other day in re the woman at the McCain rally who said, "I heard he's an Arab" and McCain's reply of "No, he's not, he's a good and decent man."


Why would it matter if he was an Arab? Or, as Powell says, a Muslim?

Powell is, as always, eloquent. It's a shame the Republicans slandered him so and I wish he'd come around sooner but I think he could be a great addition to Obama's cabinet provided he wins and that's what they want.