Tuesday, November 06, 2007

While I Was Away: Blade Runner

Annnnndddd....I'm back! Well, not really, as AT&T continues to deny me the internets, but anyway, I figured since my reader has demanded a post, I'd better comply lest I lose him.

Anyhoo, since I last posted in the long, long ago time of October not much has happened except for the damaging my back due to lifting a 30 year old console TV. Saw a few shows (New Pornos & Stars - both very good) and went to the Blade Runner re-release last night at the Music Box. I really can't offer a review of this film since pretty much everyones mind is made up as to it, but if you like the flick, I really recommend going to see it in the theatre. The clarity of it is just amazing. It looks like it was shot this year, everything looks incredibly clear. I really didn't detect much difference from the previous Director's Cut, there was the re-shot scene of Zhora's death (detailed here), but I only really looked at that closely, since I knew it was re-done. It was blended seamlessly. The effects are all the same, they were just cleaned up. They did correct the "sixth replicant" continuity error though, I guess the internets can close all of the conspiracy theory files on that one.

They did include the "unicorn dream-sequence" along with Dekkard finding the origami-unicorn that Adama apparently left for him at the end, meaning that , most likely, Dekkard is a replicant. While at first glance, this seems like an interesting idea (humans sending out another replicant to do the loathsome task of hunting down other replicants), I wonder if it would be more interesting if he was a human? I mean, it's obvious in the movie that he has emotional problems due to his job, wouldn't it be more interesting to investigate the emotions of a human having problems with hunting down "machines" rather than those of a replicant? They already detail that replicants are showing signs of emotional problems, despite their implanted memories. Oh well, it's all academic. I'm very excited for the DVD to come out, I haven't seen the film with the voice-over since the 80's and I remember initially preferring that over the Director's Cut. I can easily see myself blowing a weekend watching different versions of this movie. Of course I'm also hunting for the box that contains my copy of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? so I can tear into that again.

Well, that's what I got for right now, eventually, I'll get my ass down to the shop and pick up the pile o' geekiness that awaits me and transcribe my thoughts on whether Rocket Racoon makes it through Annihilation: Conquest alive. Hope all is well with you, internet friends.


Bill said...

It did look great, didn't it?

After we parted ways with you, JB and I were discussing the possibility of Deckard being a replicant. An interesting premise? Sure but I can't really buy him being one at the same time due to him having as hard of a time as he did retiring the other replicants. However, in addition to the unicorn business I also noted the amped-up glowing eyes that Deckard had when he was talking to Rachel in his kitchen. A clue? Maybe, but maybe not.

Jason said...

Hmmm...obviously I will be investigating this further. Lord, am I a dork.

Sorry I bailed last night, but I was starting to nod off at the end of the movie so I knew another hour+ out, and filling my belly with pizza would probably equal a tough drive home. See you at Band of Horses.

Bill said...

It occurs as Deckard is walking out of the kitchen and turns to says to Rachel over her shoulder, "But somebody would (i.e.; meaning although he wouldn't come after her somebody else would)."

So there...I too am a dork.