Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Review @ PopSyndicate: The Brave & The Bold #33

Today at PopSyndicate, my review is up for The Brave & The Bold #33, and I am less than enthused.

J. Michael Straczynski continues his mining of continuity for new stories and comes up with mixed results.
There are fewer books that I've gone into this year that I wanted to like more than this one.  It featured three characters who I enjoy quite a bit (Wonder Woman, Zatanna, & Batgirl) but who rarely seem to socialize, and that was part of the hook for me, them socializing.  As much as I love punching in comic books, I also enjoy seeing heroes living and interacting in situations where they're just having fun and not trying to save the universe.  
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CalvinPitt said...

It sounds like I'd enjoy this, if it was just about three heroes having a night off. Why add the "and the next day, Barbara Gordon was shot!!" to it?

And why do Zatanna and Wonder Woman just accept there's nothing they can do? They're heroes, they aren't supposed to simply accept lousy outcomes as preordained.

Now I'm worried about the issue with the Inferior Five/Legion of Substitute Heroes team-up I ordered. What depressing lesson will JMS use them to teach me?