Saturday, September 12, 2009

JSA Vs. KOBRA - The Signening

Today, my local, and favorite comic book shop, Amazing Fantasy, hosted a signing for the art team for the JSA vs. Kobra mini-series, a book that I have raved about before. Suffice to say, it is still one of my favorite books hitting stands and it was nice to meet the guys and get some sketches from them. Since I had to bring my boys along, I let them pick the subjects of the art. Jack decided that the only two choices for him were "Batman or Ninjas" so I went with a Batman sketch from Don Kramer, penciller for the series who has also had runs on JSA and Detective Comics:

Sean, meanwhile, decided that he really wanted a drawing of Hawkgirl, so I asked Gene Ha, cover artist and also the artist for Top Ten, for a sketch and he rewarded me with the below:

Really, though I've only gotten a few sketches so far, this is probably my favorite one. He used one of Alex Roth's JSA covers for reference and he commented that it had an Alex Toth feel to it and I can see that in his art.

So a great time was had by all and a big thanks to Amazing Fantasy for hosting. Gene Ha, Don Kramer & inker Mike Babinski were all really nice guys ad I wish I could make it to Windy City Comicon next week to see them again.

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Doug said...

Jason --

Nice sketches! I've known Don since we were teens (we worked together at a Kankakee restaurant called The Redwood Inn), and you are correct in that he is a great guy. I am a teacher and had Mike Babinski as a student many, many years ago.

Check out my blog -- I did a post on original art that I own, and there's a scan of a sketch Mike did of me for a student art project. It's almost 20 years old by now!