Thursday, April 03, 2008

Finally (Hopefully) A Cartoon My Kids Can Watch

TV Guide (via Blog@Newsarama) is reporting that yet another Animated Batman series is coming soon from Cartoon Network. Personally, I think that this is pretty cool, since the 90's animated series was freaking fantastic and loved its gradual progression through Justice League Unlimited. The most recent series, The Batman, wasn't necessarily my cup of tea, but it was made mostly for "the kids". My only real problem is that a lot of these series seem to have been made for "kids" ranging in ages from 13 - 33. I have a five-year-old who loves Superheroes, but I can't in good conscience have him watch most of these shows since they're so freaking violent. I mean seriously, let's take this fight between Superman and Darkseid from the last episode of JLU:

Now, we can all agree, that is awesome. But seriously, I don't want Jack attempting to hit his brother so hard that he will disrupt the laws of gravity and knock him through five buildings, mostly because Sean would totally kick Jack's ass afterwards. So let's hope that this new series is a tad gentler than what has come before. I gotta admit, I'm really happy that the latest version of the Blue Beetle is showing up, that book really rocks.

Next, can I hope for a Superhero movie I can take my kids to? Shazam, I'm looking at you.

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