Sunday, February 10, 2008

Camden Fire

Years ago, just after graduating college, I did an internship in London for six months. My favorite day of the week was always Sunday because I would ineveitably begin the day with a tube ride up to Camden market for used clothes, bootleg tapes and cheap vinyl, capped off with a stop at the Hawley Arms for a pint and maybe a "hot dog" on the street.

Well, a good portion of the market (along with the pub) burned yesterday, and it makes me a little down. But, it also brought back memories that I haven't been reminded of in years. So tonight, I'll have to pick up some ale and have a toast to a place that I hope can regain its glory as a really cool place to hang out and shop in.

No real reason for this post, just remembering. Anyway, here's a good lazy Sunday song about the area:

Belle & Sebastian - Morning Crescent

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ms. p said...

Holy shit. I hate to say that's an amazing picture, but it is.

I heard there was a fire, but I had no idea it was so massive. That's awful.

I love London and have spent a lot of time there. What I don't love: the exchange rate.