Friday, September 21, 2007

Link Blogging!

I'm bored. So, since I, unlike Herm Edwards, have the internets, let's find some fun stuff!

Here's Husker Du on the Late Show with Joan Rivers. Damn, are they awesome.

Looking for someone trustworthy to invest with? Howsabout Ric Flair? I wonder how hitting people with folding chairs fits into his plans?

So, a Justice League movie? Just looks like a bad idea to me. Here's hoping...

Quick run-down of recent concerts:
  • Editors @ Park West: Man, they rock. I've seen them twice and they've brought it bouth times. Highly recommended. As a side note, Park West is the worst place in Chicago for a rock show, worse than the Mutiny even. I mean, it'd be great if I was going to sit down and listen to soothing folk or something, but for rock? Place sucks ass.
  • Hideout Block Party (Saturday): Went for the Art Brut and loved them. They were preceeded by a punk rock marching band, which was odd. The Brut was followed by The Frames, who could be good, but they were too wuss-rock to follow a brit-rock-art-punk band, no way they could measure up. That said, they did close with an excellent cover of "Where is my Mind?" by the Pixies using the Hideout's resident glee club (ask me later) for the "woo-oooo's", but it wasn't enough in the end. Stuck around for one song by Andrew Bird, needed food far too badly at that point.

Since I've been rather lax on the whole "reviewing" thing lately, here are a couple books worthy of monthly purchase (rather than waiting for trade):
  • Batman - Grant Morrison's take on Batman is surprisingly traditional and fun. The ole' Morrison insanity is there, but Bats is pushing through it. I think this run may end up overshadowing his X-Men stuff, if he can keep it up for a little while longer.
  • Iron Fist - Brubaker & Fraction are adding a lot of layers to this formerly-cult character. With a little other-media exposure, Iron Fist could make the jump to the big-leagues.
  • Casanova - More Fraction, even more craziness. Feels like a comic Brian Jones would have written right after he took drugs and right before he got in the pool.
  • Captain America - Over 30 issues in, not even the title character's death can lessen how much new life Ed Brubaker has breathed into this series.
  • Brave & The Bold - Pretty much the only comic coming out today that could be published at any time in the last 50 years and still be considered as good as it is. It is the very definition of "old-school". Well written, beautifully drawn, and fun.
  • Honorable mentions - The Spirit (only 3 more Cooke issues left) and All-Star Superman (only considered monthly in other dimensions).
So that's what I got, hope you're all doing well.


Vaklam said...

Wow! Thanks for posting the Husker Du clip. I saw Bob Mould in Atlanta when he was on his Workbook tour and he spent a few minutes at the end of the show answering questions. A lot of them were about Husker Du.

pachoob said...

i often get pretty frustrated by morrison on an issue-to-issue basis, only to be proved completely wrong once the collection is released (7 soldiers, new xmen, and almost everything except the invisibles and the filth). at his worst, he puts ideas before character, and neither one ends up being clearly defined.

but his batman run since the recent storyline was introduced is, seriously, magical. i love what he's doing. a murder mystery in a haunted house? fuckin a. he's managed to combine elements of the silly-but-beloved batman story tropes from the 50's stories with a grim-n-gritty, nothing but business batman of today (dude, a guy who's wearing another guy's face, IN DETAIL?)

go grant morrisson. thanks for proving me wrong.

Anonymous said...

The Ric Flair bit is too much. The "Figure-4 Process" ?!! Come on! How do you find this stuff?


Jason said...

Pachoob - See, I like that Morrison is writing asshole-Batman, but he's only an asshole to the bad guys. I loved his grin when the dude says, "I have your children" and you can tell Bats is thinking, "Yeah, and my kid's going to fuck you up jackass".

sb - there's nothing like metafilter to waste time with. Tip of the hat to Kevin for posting that.