Monday, August 13, 2007

What I Got: 8/08/07...Do-Over!

So while I liked what I picked up on last Wednesday, i was a little underwhelmed by my choices (for the record: Nova #4, Criminal #8 & X-Factor #22), mainly because all three books were in mid-storyline so each amounted to a set-up for the next issue. I feel bad about this, since all three of those are some of the bast on the stands currently, but hey, I'll hopefully I'll be raving about them again in a month. ANYWAY, I was just going to skip reviewing this week, but this guy and this other guy's review of the following two books pushed me back into the shop yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised.

Batman #667

I had picked up issue 666 (because, how can one stay away) and was underwhelmed by the issue, so I decided to wait on this book until the collection, but the reviews started coming in and it looked like this might be Morrison's defining arc on the character, so hey, 3 more dollars to my local isn't that much is it? The reviews were right, Morrison brings this Silver-age bit of insanity into current continuity and not only fits it in well with our current Batman, but uses it to humanize him a little as well. This looks to be a fun bit of murder mystery that will help get Bats back to his detective roots.

One last note on the art, J.H. Williams returns to Batman (after his brief Detective stint w/ Paul Dini) and once again, he does a great job. while I love his take on Batman, his Robin is probably the best I've ever seen. He makes him look both like a kid, but tough at the same time. I'd love to see him do a Robin mini sometime in the future.

Casanova #8

So I had picked up the first two issues of this series, because it was a) Matt Fraction, "fuck-yeah" artist of 2006 and b) it was in the $1.99 "Fell-Format". While I enjoyed the secret agent/criminal action of the story, the constant reality/time shifting left me kinda clueless as to what the hell was going on. so I bailed. Not my finest moment, I admit, but life's too short to be confused by funny-books. ANYWAY, this story is a lot more straight forward with everything having been established by the opening arc. Essentially, Casanova Quinn, all-around bad-ass, other-reality super-agent has to track down some hard-core, evil-tech, military hardware. All that plus a giant robot. Fantastic. So, now I'm off to get the collection of the previous seven issues from Amazon. Woo-hoo!

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JT said...

Skip - Ihave been reading Phoning It In for a couple of months now. I did not think it possible that someone could be more critical of comic books than the "Ditching Boy" could be of music. Congratulations! You proved me wrong. Keep up the good work.